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Stranding machine plays an important role in wire and cable manufacturing industry

2023-10-31 16:45:21

A wire strander is a machine used to make wires and cables, which can twisted multiple single-stranded wires or multiple stranded wires into a thicker wire or cable. Stranding machine is usually composed of main engine, drive system, electronic control system, forging sliding press device, lubrication system, feeding system and manipulator.

The working principle of the stranding machine is to introduce a number of single wires or strands of stranded wire through the pulley into the stranded device, and then through the stranded axis guide stranded, through forging, steel wheel or running-in and other ways to make the fibers between the wires or cores tend to be dense, thus forming a uniform thickness of wire or cable.

The main machine of the strander is the core part of the whole equipment, which is composed of winding frame, stranding table, concentric axis, stranding disc, running-in wheel, guide roller, wire tray support, forging device and testing device. The winding frame is used for winding the single strand wire or stranded wire to be stranded, the stranding table is used to support the wire to be stranded, the concentric shaft is used to guide the wire through the stranding device, the stranding disc is an important part for fixing the wire, the run-in wheel and the guide roller are used to guide the wire through the forging device, and the wire tray bracket is used to fix the wire disc. The forging device is used to forge the wire to increase the contact area between the wires, and the detection device is used to test the quality and accuracy of the stranded wire.


The drive system is the key part of the strander to operate normally, which transmits and controls power through the motor and transmission device. The electronic control system is a key part of the control and adjustment of the entire equipment, which can realize the automation and precise control of the stranding process, and improve the production efficiency and cable quality of the stranding machine.

The lubrication system of the strander is used to provide lubricants for parts such as the stranding device and the forging device to ensure smooth operation and stable work of the equipment. The feeding system is an important guarantee for the stranding machine to complete the stranding process continuously and efficiently. It sends the wire or wire core to the stranding machine through the conveying and packaging equipment.

The manipulator is an important auxiliary device in the strander, which is used to assist the operator to complete the loading, replacement and maintenance of the strander, so as to improve the work efficiency and operation safety.

Stranding machine plays an important role in the wire and cable manufacturing industry, which can make small single strand wires or stranded wires into uniform thickness and stable electrical properties of wires and cables. It is widely used in construction, communication, transportation, power, aerospace and other fields, and plays an irreplaceable role in providing people's production and life. With the progress of science and technology and the development of the wire and cable industry, the technical level and production capacity of the stranding machine will continue to improve, providing people with more high-quality, safe and reliable wire and cable products.

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