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When purchasing pay-off stand, we must look for professional and powerful manufacturers

2023-02-07 14:39:54

Pay-off stand is used in our line construction, so many customers do not know how to buy pay-off stand when they buy pay-off stand according to the lifting form: hydraulic cable pay-off stand, mechanical cable pay-off stand. Then according to the load energy can be divided into: 3T cable pay-off stand, 5T cable pay-off stand, 10T cable pay-off stand, 15T cable tray spindle bracket, 20T cable tray bracket and larger tonnage cable tray pay-off bracket; The cable pay-off rack plays a vital role in the construction of the line, it has a large load, 3t, 5t, 8t, 10t, 15t, 20t, large bearing capacity, protects the cable in the construction, and makes the pay-off work simple and convenient; The demand for cable pay-off stands continues to increase, and the sales manufacturers have become more and more, we must look for professional and strong manufacturers when purchasing pay-off stands to ensure product quality and construction safety.

Pay-off stand

When the new cable pay-off stand draws the line by turning the handle, it makes the drum turn quickly by accelerating the transmission mechanism to achieve the role of fast drawing the line. The guide frame can hold the wire while taking in and paying off the wire. Therefore, whether it is pay-off or take-up, the rotation of the drum and the line are constrained, therefore, the drum will not turn too fast, the line will not reverse wound on the reel and affect the use of the line, the line will not be wound on the frame, nor loose, irregular wound on the reel, but the rule, layer by layer wound on the drum, easy to use later. Cable pay-off rack has made a great contribution to the power construction of our country, so some customers will ask this question: why there are so many kinds of pay-off rack? Then the scope and application area of different types of pay-off stands are not the same.

Pay-off stand

Cable pay-off stand: It is mainly used in line construction, and the whole disk wire is shelved when the wire is extended, and its lifting height can be flexibly adjusted. The use of this hydraulic cable pay-off stand, light and durable, suitable for human pay-off use, the hydraulic pay-off stand with the cable pulley, traction and other construction, can play a very excellent role. Trapezoidal cable pay-off stand is also commonly known as the cable bracket, mainly used for placing cable tray, overhead display wire or cable, this cable pay-off stand is also powered by hydraulic devices, equipped with small wheels at the foot, so it is very convenient to move, simple to operate, easy to use, trapezoidal cable pay-off stand in the production of drill pipe material, So it doesn't bend. Hexagonal pay-off stand: This is a kind of handtable defensive line car, which is used to spread the wire and put the whole disk line on the six equal parts of the roller plate, and the defense line is rotated by traction. The coil of the cable pay-off stand can be rotated freely, so it is very convenient to operate.

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