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1. Company profile and development history:

Guangzhou honghui electrical machinery co.,LTD. Is a modern mechanical and electrical production base integrating r&d,design, manufacturing and sales. Specializing in the production of wire and cable equipment - series of high-speed winder; The company is located in huadu district, guangzhou city, the geographical location is very superior; Huadu, with its beautiful scenery and prosperous economy,is an important transportation hub and industrial development area of guangzhou. Guangzhou new baiyun international airport, one of China's three hub airports, and guangzhou north railway station are located here.The company was founded in 2004, has its own core technology and mature series of products, more than ten years of development, the company has always adhere to the "innovation, quality, service,Thanksqiving" business philosophy, by our continuous improvement and improvement,our products in the series, humanization, automation across a new height of the industry!

There is no end to development. Honghui wire stringing machine is striving to be bigger and stronger with the attitude of "obtaining trust with quality and unlimited service"! To provide customers with more practical. better products!


Company development history

In August 2004, the company was established, and formulated company goals and product plans

2005-2008, the rapid development stage, the product formed a series, scale, Honghui brand stranding machine emerged;

From 2009 to 2012, the company steadily increased, concentrated innovation stage, product diversification, automation, humanized development, Honghui brand stranding machine formed a well-known brand;

2013-2017, stable and mature, continuous innovation, Honghui brand stranding machine with quality, heart service, has a high market share; 2014 honored to join the national electrical special equipment standardization Technical Committee to participate in the development of industry standards;

2018-- The new school-enterprise cooperation mode opens new opportunities, under the new management mode, the company has formulated a new 5-year plan, re-standardized product stereotypes, set up new product research and development projects, with data, Honghui company with a new attitude to bigger and stronger!

2, the company's product positioning, market status, product competitiveness

Wire and cable equipment market, is now in the "hundred schools of thought contend, survival of the fittest" period; In the tide of the market, do not advance then retreat, as far as the stranding machine industry is concerned, the perfect combination of high quality, high efficiency, humanized operation and beautiful appearance is the first choice of most customers; In the past, the market for survival at low prices has gradually disappeared. With the integration with the international market, the manufacturers have jumped out of the limitations of the traditional strander machine, more and more manufacturers are committed to product innovation and research and development, the introduction of many foreign excellent equipment manufacturers design concept, a variety of new strander preparation show in front of us.

In this period of rapid development, we Guangzhou Honghui also adapt to the market, accept the challenge, on the one hand, we are based on mature traditional products, do a good job in quality, ensure sales; On the other hand, we increase research and development efforts, set up new research and development goals, mainly committed to product automation and product supporting peripheral products, deepen the vertical development of products.

Guangzhou Honghui after more than 10 years of technology and market accumulation, the formation of their own product brand, in some models, we have irreplaceable advantages and absolute market share, we will increase the optimization and integration of other products, the Honghui brand wire strander price ratio to keep in the front end of the industry!