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Automatic wire strander is a device that winds a thread-like object to a specific workpiece

2023-02-06 18:11:02

Automatic wire strander is a device that winds a thread-like object to a specific workpiece, usually used for copper wire winding. Generally in the winding work will also be twisted operation, twisted wire is twisted single wire around the twisted wire axis equal angular speed rotation and twisted wire uniform speed forward motion to achieve. There are two commonly used copper and aluminum, copper and aluminum wires can be twisted into a variety of different specifications of cross sections and different types of wire and cable conductor cells. Automatic strander reduces the cost of the factory, greatly reducing the labor force, automatic strander manufacturers, automatic winding machine assembly line type workflow, in addition to the improvement in efficiency, automatic strander manufacturers, quality, unqualified products reduced. The development trend of the stranding machine will improve work efficiency and the development trend of the winding machine industry is similar to the development trend of today's technology as a whole, for example, automation, intelligence, humanization, diversification, only one thing is not the same, that is, miniaturization, the volume is even larger than the hand winding machine, but it is also more in line with the habits of human operation.

Automatic strander

The automatic strander has another benefit, it can improve the frequency of the test winding machine power supply voltage, or use the auxiliary winding machine to drag the test winding machine, the automatic strander machine, so that the speed of the improvement. In addition, the method of improving the power supply and voltage frequency of the automatic winding machine is currently using thyristor frequency conversion installation - frequency conversion power supply. The way to improve the speed is very simple, reduce the excitation current or increase the armature terminal voltage. However, the increase of the terminal voltage is less than 130% of the rated voltage, and the reduction of the excitation current will make the speed rise steadily. 1. Planetary stranding machine: This stranding machine is generally composed of a section or several sections of the stranded cage, the floating monitoring frame of each payoff disc is symmetrically installed around the central axis of the stranded cage according to certain rules, and the wire reel axis is perpendicular to the central axis. 2. Disc stranding machine: The cantilever shaft of each payoff disc of this type of stranding machine is installed on the winch parallel to the shaft line of the winch cage. 3. Bow stranding machine: This type of stranding machine is composed of a number of rotating bows arranged in a straight line, each rotating bow around the floating basket frame of a payoff disc, which can be used for stranding or cable formation. 4. Tubular stranding machine: The most important component of this stranding machine is a tubular rotary body, and the basket frame of each pay-off disc is floating on the axis of the tube body. 5. Rigid frame type wire strander: This type of wire strander is mainly composed of rigid wire cage frame, which has no untwisting device, and the support of the pay-off tray is fixed on the wire cage frame. According to the different structure of the support, there can be fork, star, simple, frame and other differences.

Automatic strander

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