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Stranding machine is one of the key production equipment of motor manufacturing enterprises

2023-02-06 18:33:16

The strander is mainly composed of pay-off device, eye film, hinge body and take-up device. Through the pay-off stand, the single strand wire is paid off, the eye film is joined together, and the purpose of multi-strand wire twisting is achieved under the rotation of the hinge body. The final product line is collected through the take-up device. In this way, the task of the stranding machine is completed; The stranding machine is a kind of cable equipment which is used for stranding the power cord, earphone wire, electronic wire and other core wires. The main principle of the stranded wire is: when the copper wire passes through the stranded bow of the stranding machine, the stranded bow through the circular motion, so that each single copper wire spiral wound together; Twisted copper wire is the amount of a single copper wire, different specifications of different numbers of copper wire according to a certain arrangement order and lay together after becoming a larger diameter conductor, this twisted conductor is much softer than the same diameter of a single copper wire, the bending performance of the wire is also better.


The operation of the strander first adds lubricating oil to the mechanical transmission and rotation parts, check whether the screws of the mechanical transmission and rotation parts are loose, whether the brake parts are reliable, whether the control stroke protection switch is sensitive, whether the lifting equipment is safe, whether the safety protection facilities are intact and complete, check whether the transmission and reducer are lubricating oil. Prepare the work before starting up, prepare the raw materials, tools, measuring tools, molds and take-up trays required for production according to the production task list. Before loading the plate, it is necessary to check the model specifications of the required raw materials to verify whether they are consistent with the production task list, and whether the core diameter meets the process requirements. When producing KW and RVV models, it is necessary to check whether the core section, single core structure, insulation thickness, etc. meet the process requirements. After checking and verifying that all meet the process requirements, the plate can be loaded. After loading the disk, check whether the fixing disk screws are tightened and whether the latch safety lock is locked. Check whether the core diameter, cross section, core structure, etc. of the upper disk are consistent with the production task list, and can be connected with the traction rope after they are consistent. After firmly connected with the traction rope, install the mold, and adjust the stranding cage, traction speed and stranding direction according to the technical requirements of the production specifications.


The stranding machine is mainly used for the stranding production of various control cables, rubber sheathed cables, signal cables, robot cables, and also suitable for the stranding of soft conductors. The unit is mainly composed of: central pay-off stand, segmented winch cage, parallel die base, tangential winding machine, steel belt armoring machine, meter meter, main motor transmission device, two-wheeled traction device, end shaft take-up and wiring stand, electrical control part and safety protection fence.


Stranding machine is one of the key production equipment of motor manufacturing enterprises. In production, due to the form of shuttle coil, the number of turns, electromagnetic wire cross section, and the number of winding roots, etc., especially for the winding of various specifications of motor coils with a large number of varieties and a small number, it is required that the speed of the winding machine is adjustable to a large range, convenient adjustment, and has a more stable starting characteristics and braking characteristics, when winding at different speeds, Should have sufficient torque. With the maturity of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, the winding machine has gradually adopted frequency conversion speed regulation to replace the traditional mechanical transmission speed regulation trend, how to master the application characteristics of frequency conversion speed regulation in the winding machine is particularly important to ensure the safety and normal operation of equipment. And AC variable frequency speed regulation scheme due to low cost, stepless smooth speed regulation, easy maintenance and other excellent speed regulation performance, has now replaced the DC speed regulation system, become the first choice of speed regulation scheme.

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