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A stranding machine is a cable manufacturing and processing equipment

2023-10-31 16:39:49

A wire strander is a mechanical device used in cable manufacturing and processing, which works by combining multiple wires or cables into a larger diameter cable to increase its strength and durability. Stranding machine is widely used in power engineering, communication engineering, railway, aerospace, military and other fields.

The main components of the stranding machine include the stranding frame, the stranding system, the transmission system, the control system and the safety protection device. The strander frame is used to support and fix each component of the strander to ensure its stable operation; The stranding system includes a stranding station, a lead rack, a lead device, etc., used for combining and stranding multiple wires or cables; The transmission system is responsible for providing power to enable the strander to operate normally; The control system is used to control the various functions and parameters of the strander machine to achieve accurate regulation. Safety protection devices are used to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.


The working process of the stranding machine is mainly divided into the following steps: First, the wire or cable that needs to be twisted is pre-treated, such as removing the skin or other impurities; Then, the pre-treated wire or cable is introduced into the stranding station through the lead rack; Next, the strander automatically combines multiple wires or cables to form a larger diameter cable; The twisted cable is sent out through the conveyor for subsequent processing or packaging.

The advantages of the stranding machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the stranding machine can combine multiple wires or cables to form a larger diameter cable, thereby improving its strength and durability; Secondly, the stranding machine can automatically complete the stranding process, saving labor costs; In addition, the stranding machine has high production efficiency, which can meet the production needs of large quantities and high speed. The control system of the strander can achieve precise regulation to ensure the stability of product quality.

However, there are also some problems and challenges that should be paid attention to. First of all, the operation of the strander requires professional and technical personnel to control and supervise, familiar with its working principles and operating procedures to ensure safe and normal operation; Secondly, the strander needs regular maintenance and maintenance during operation, and timely replacement of worn parts to ensure the normal service life of the equipment; In addition, the stranding effect of the stranding machine also needs to match the requirements and standards of the specific product to ensure product quality.

In summary, as a cable manufacturing and processing equipment, stranding machine plays an important role in improving cable strength and durability, saving labor costs, and improving production efficiency. With the continuous development of science and technology and the expansion of application fields, stranding machines are constantly optimized and upgraded to meet the needs and challenges of different industries. It is expected that the future wire stranding machine will be more intelligent and automated, bringing greater benefits and development space for the cable manufacturing and processing industry.

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